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Here are the emails in case you missed them!

Why Veg?

Why Go Vegetarian?

To prevent cruelty to farmed animals. The single most important thing you can do to help stop unneccesary suffering of farmed animals is go veg. 

For your health. A vegetarian diet naturally provides a majority of the nutrients your body needs and protects against heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and several types of cancer. 

For the environment. Going veg combats the negative impacts of factory farming, including global warming, air and water pollution, and wasting precious resources.




Sign me up for Veg Week!
Yes! I want to eat better, feel better,  stop supporting cruelty to animals raised for food, and help protect the planet. I pledge to explore vegetarianism  for veg week!Pledge to go veg

 Photo used in banner taken by Jimmy Cohrssen for One Image Charity