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Veggies in the News

6-year Old Vegetarian Teachers Her Mom-St. Petersburg Times article on raising a child who decides to become vegetarian.

Vegetarian Diet Benefit People of All Ages-Personal Liberty News Desk

Vegetarian For A Day- short Chico News & Review article about the environmental effects if everyone in the US went meatless for a day.

Newsflash: Vegetarian/ Vegan diets are Healthful According to the ADA- Op-ed piece on the American Dietetic Association's decision to condone a veggie diet at all stages of life.

Ask the Expert: Becoming A Vegetarian- A woman asks a doctor about the safety of her 12 year-old adopting a vegetarian diet

Pork's Dirty Secret- A Rolling Stone article about the devastating effects of pig farms to the environment.

Vegetarians Have Slightly Lower Risks of Cancer- Short article about the decreased risk of cancer associated with a well-planned vegetarian diet.

Where's The Beef? Ghent Goes Vegetarian- Based on the suggestion of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the city of Ghent feeds its citizens one meat-free meal a week

Three Benefits of Going Vegetarian- Article on Causecast written by a person who does not eat red meat

Doctors Endorse Vegan and Vegetarian Diets For Healthy Pregnancies- Science Cortex article on how not only is a meat-free diet safe for pregnancies, but may actually be healthier

First US Count Finds 1 in 200 Kids are Vegetarian- CDC study comes up with preliminary numbers of vegetarian teens in the US